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Degas in black and white

Categories : Exhibitions, published on : 8/14/23

Until September 3rd, at the BNF, art lovers have the chance to delve into the fascinating world of one of the greatest masters of modern art: Edgar Degas. The exhibition entitled "Degas in Black and White" at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) offers a unique opportunity to explore Degas' spellbinding work in a whole new light. Let's delve into this unmissable artistic event, which dazzles visitors with its elegance and depth.

Degas, famous for his works rich in movement and his fascination with scenes of Parisian life, is best known for his colourful paintings and sculptures. However, the "Degas in Black and White" exhibition takes us into another aspect of his art: his monochrome creations. It is an intriguing dive into Degas's artistic vision, focusing on the contrasts and striking details that emerge when colour is removed from the equation. Visitors are invited to discover the intimacy of his creative process and to grasp the deep emotions that works in black and white can evoke.

The choice of black and white reveals the full power of contrast in Degas's work. Every brushstroke, every line and every shadow stands out in a striking way. Dancers, racehorses and portraits seem to come to life in a new and captivating way. Visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in the textures, shapes and minute details that Degas so skilfully incorporated into his works.

Degas' black and white works reveal a captivating emotional depth. The faces of the dancers express a range of emotions, from joy to fatigue, and the gestures of the figures captured in the moment reveal their hidden histories. The exhibition allows visitors to experience the intensity of Degas's work as they discover these works imbued with exceptional artistic sensitivity.

The exhibition is not limited to black and white paintings. It also explores how Degas used different techniques such as lithography, engraving and pastel to create remarkable works. Visitors can appreciate the diversity of the artist's means of expression and understand how he used each medium to communicate distinct emotions and themes.

"Degas en Noir et Blanc" at the BNF in Paris offers a captivating and intimate perspective on Degas' art. By exploring his work from a new angle, visitors are invited to rediscover the details, contrasts and emotions for which the artist is renowned. This exhibition is a celebration of Degas' inexhaustible creativity and his continuing influence on the world of modern art. So immerse yourself in the elegance of black and white and let yourself be transported into the spellbinding world of one of the most brilliant masters in the history of art.

All the information, opening times and tickets on the BNF website: Degas in black and white (website in French)